Shot blasting is the process of abrasing surfaces to remove chemicals and harmful materials for either environmental or business reasons. Companies – such as SFEG –supply shot blasting equipment toa wide range of industries such as ship building, automotive and aerospace. But why should you useshot blasting? What are the benefits? Let me explain.

Helps the environment

Compared to the likes of sand blasting for instance, the process of shot blasting is extremely environmentally friendly – meaning you can get fantastic results without the risk of damaging fragile ecosystems.

Rather than using acids or cleaning chemicals, a shot blasting machineinstead uses an incredibly fast turbine to effectively remove any unwanted materials or stains from surfaces. It will easily remove the likes of corrosion, rust or chemicals.

Rates and prices

Shot blasting equipment can benefit businesses financially.

Shot blasting has been proven to help increase production rates because of how quickly it works.  It is also much cheaper than other forms of blasting.  Investing in a shot blasting machinewill therefore give a businessmore production value and less need to spend, whilst still getting exceptional results.

Surface incentives

When preparing metal to be painted or coated, shot blasting equipmentshould be paramount. Why? Shot blasting can help to secure a continuous bond between the protective coat and the surface of the metal. The process helps to give metal coatings more longevity and identifies any potential surface defects. In short – when it comes to applying paint or a coating –a shot blasting machine will ensure that the metal will remain in good condition for longer with its protective coating.


SFEG (Surface Finishing Equipment Group) specialise in the supplying of shot blastingequipment and abrasives. With over 70 years of experience, the team offer reliable and professional equipment for you to either buy or hire, at competitive prices.

Another plus about this group? They also offer a shot blasting training course. This course offers a tailored training experience that gives you,or any of your team members,the tools and experience to effectively work with shot blasting equipment.

If you feel that shot blasting can be of use to your business and you want to know more, why not get in touch with SFEG today? Get in touch by filling out their contact form and one of their knowledgeable team members will be in touch.