In any kind of industrial production and manufacturing environment, when it is required to tighten any fasteners like nuts and bolts then following two things are important.

  1. The fasteners must be tightened sufficient enough so that both the fasteners get properly sealed.
  2. In case after long period, if it is necessary to remove the fasteners, it can be successfully done even after exposure to harsh environment for all these years.


Actually, when you need to open any fasteners after a long time after it is exposed to various kinds of weather then the force required is a lot more than what was needed while tightening them. However, you need that power in a controlled manner. The controlled power or the torque that is needed must be smooth otherwise there is a possibility that the thread of the nut or bolt may get damaged. There is also a possibility of any injuries as well.

Therefore, technicians think that the best solution for applying a controlled torque is by using a range of proper torque tools. Such tools can either be manual or powered tool. Particularly in case of heavy duty applications you may even need hydraulic controlled power tool to achieve that.

Keeping all the above points in mind, you must consider following points while choosing the right kind of industrial tool.

  • Consider your options

When you look for industrial tools then there are many options available nowadays. There are few high-tech tools available that can be versatile as well as very effective tool however the cost of such tool can be very high and may not have enough utilization. Therefore, while selecting the tool, consider the budget of your project and its utilization in future. Considering new technologies is no harm but you must consider their cost and benefits too.

  • Safety is very important

Make sure that the tool you choose is safe enough to operate. There are many hand tools available that they can certainly increase your productivity, but there is also chances of getting injuries. Prefer to choose those tools where there is minimum chance of any accident.

  • Shop smartly

In case you get the right tool at reasonable cost then you may consider buying it. However, if you find any high-tech tool which can serve your purpose well but it is very expensive and you have not much utilization then you may consider taking such tool on rent.

It is important to choose good quality of tool.