Copywriting is, to quote a popular movie, “so hot right now.” If you’re a copywriter, you know your skills are currently in demand especially for services done for the internet. Article marketing, after all, is one of the most popular and effective online advertising tools which web-based entrepreneurs use to promote their businesses.

However, with so many copywriters writing for the web nowadays, competition is much stiffer than ever. If you want clients to avail of your services, you need to offer them something different from what your counterparts usually provide. Thus, don’t just deliver high quality articles; deliver excellent customer service as well. To help you excel in providing customer service, here are some tips:

1.) Projects are usually won through biddings on online job auction sites. Show your writing skills right away by leaving a personalized and carefully worded bid. Check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Your bid is the first impression the client will have of you.

2.) Provide a link to your portfolio or include a couple of sample articles in your bid. If the client is initially interested in your offer, she will want to check your other works to see if you’re exactly what she’s looking for.

3.) If you’re interested but you still have any questions about the project, send a message to the client with your inquiries. Be polite but direct. It’s best to know what the project is all about before you’ve won it, or else you may end up tied to a responsibility you can’t do.

4.) If you’ve won the bid, and thus the project, communicate with the client right away within 24 hours at the very most. Thank her for choosing you to be her writer and inform her all the ways with which she can contact you.

5.) Keep in touch with your client on a regular basis while the project is ongoing. Give status reports and updates even if she is not asking for it, unless of course she tells you not to send her any.

6.) After the project ends and all transactions are completed, don’t forget to thank the client. If everything went well, you can also express your interest in working with her again. This leaves the possibility of future projects wide open.

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