Numerous Surplus Pipe firms have been known to specialize in flame cutting and surface grinding. These firms are looking forward to providing steel profiling and steel grinding services to the steel industry for a significant length of time. However, having years of experience and expertise, they would offer quality along with adequate accuracy with the usage of CNC controlled machinery. 

  • Steel Profiling

Ferrous metals are popular for combusting in oxygen at 850C temperature. The profiling process would be performed having a torch mounted on the machine moving smoothly on two axes under CNC control. The torch would be attached to nozzle. The torch would be combined with an adequate supply of fuel gas and oxygen. The combination would be required to go through the nozzle providing controllable flame applied to the surface intended to be cut. With the combustion temperature reaching the controlled stream of oxygen, a pressure would be introduced to the centre of the flame through the nozzle. When combustion would be used in a controlled and confined area, the pressure of the oxygen would exert pressure on the steel and slice through it.

  • Grinding

The process of grinding would entail grinding machines. These machines have been known to grind the steel to a specified diameter. It would be pertinent to mention here that reciprocation machines would have capabilities for grinding overhang. These machines have been known to be relatively quick in their work. They would enable companies to offer competitive pricing. It would be pertinent to mention here that they encompass the ability to work to a close tolerance. It goes without saying that accuracy of ground steelwork would be dependent on the thickness of the unspecified dimensions grounds along with the specified grounds. However, the result would be accurate most of the times.

  • Material

An array of standard steel has been made available in various grades from wide range of Surplus Steel suppliers. They would also offer different thickness in specialist steel. It would be pertinent to mention here that metal suppliers would offer extensive range of carbon steel slabs and plates. The customer could request that steel to be made available in specific length, size, thickness, and width. In case, you wish to buy steel, you should look for reliable companies that would be popularly certified. It would help you make the most of the steel quality. The competitive steel market ensures that steel companies should lay emphasis on quality steel and customer service.