Airport passenger management services would usually require adequate experience and expertise. It would be pertinent to mention here that airport management services would be an even bigger challenge for the authorities. The major reason would be the specialized range of tasks and operations. Let us go through some of the things that would be imperative for airport management services.

What the job comprises

Only a handful of companies have been involved in airport facility management in both general and commercial aviation airports. A majority of these companies encompass a pre-defined and special range of tasks. These tasks would be anything ranging from filed equipment management to asset management, air traffic services to the provision of contractual labour.

The companies have been known to handle passenger movements, cargo, and baggage. They may also handle catering, landscaping, sanitation and other facility operations that would be needed on core airport infrastructure along with terminals, which is a part of the airport facility. Some of the airport passenger companies would be working directly with the airport sponsors. However, some are hired by other asset owners such as commercial carriers, airport tenants and so on.

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