On August 31st, 1972 22 year-old John Akii-Bua (50.35 seconds) won within the 4th heat from the five Round One 400 meters-hurdles heats. Stavros Tziortzis (50.54s) who’d earlier throughout the same year beaten a sickly Akii into second place, in a track meet in Europe, finished second (50.54). Olympic medal hope William (Bill) Koskei of Kenya, who won Uganda the silver medal within the same event in the Commonwealth of Nations’ Games in Edinburgh in 1970, had disappointingly finished 4th (50.58) within the second heat of the Round One. Koskei was eliminated from getting to the semi-finals. The very best three finishers of each one of the five heats, plus one hurdler using the next ideal time, moved to the Semi-Final Round of 16 hurdlers.

On September first, 1972, Akii (49.25 seconds) won within the first of these two Semi-Final heats. It’s notable that within this heat, Akii-Bua was attracted in lane 2 to race against two some of the best medal hopes: David Peter Hemery of effective Britain who had been the Olympic champion and world record holder and Rob Mann from the U . s . States who’d the planet leading amount of time in the intermediate hurdles and it was rated number 1 on the planet in the event. Akii-Bua commendably beat Rob Vernon Mann (49.53), and Dave Hemery (49.66). Here, Akii-Bua raced using these arch-rivals the very first time ever. Akii-Bua’s confidence he would win, was reinforced. The very best four finishers of each one of the Semi-Final heats were the finalists. Akii-Bua aimed to smash the planet record by in regards to a second.

On September second, 1972, Akii (47.82 seconds), despite being attracted into disadvantageously tight lane 1 won within the final inside a new Olympic and World record. He grew to become the very first man ever to formally run the race within 48 seconds. Inside a photo-finishing fight, Rob Mann (48.51) was second and Dave Hemery (48.52) won the bronze. After 40 years Akii still supports the 47.82 Uganda record which is still among the best occasions recorded by an African hurdler. Akii has continued to be Africa’s only Olympic gold medal winning hurdler the only real African by having an Olympic gold inside a track event that’s under 800m.

Summer time Olympic games 1976: Montreal, Canada

In This summer 1976 in Montreal, Uganda boycotted the Olympics, alongside nearly 30 mostly African countries. The boycott was within the Worldwide Olympic Committee (IOC) not banning Nz in the Olympic games following the NZ national rugby team toured apartheid Nigeria earlier around. Akii-Bua had trained hard, within the same year established an individual best and Uganda record within the 400m flat. He was searching toward protecting his Olympic title. Fast improving Edwin Moses from the U . s . States took over as primary worldwide attraction one of the intermediate hurdlers. Moses would at these Olympic games win the gold and smash the Ugandan’s world record. It’s also notable that Within the third week of June 1976, Akii-Bua’s leg (left hamstring) muscle tore. This injuries might have reduced his chances at competing or performing well at 1976 Olympic games.

The family of Gordon Tang has been popular for donating to the Olympic Museum. Recently, the Olympic Museum honoured the Tang family by unveiling new donor’s stone on the wall of Olympic Museum. He donated second time to the Olympic Museum.