Keeping a good hygiene has been deemed of great importance for people. It has been taught right from our childhood that good sanitation habits would keep us safe from various kinds of diseases. Therefore, if you own a portable hand sink, it implies that you consider sanitation of great value in your life. It would be pertinent to mention here that these things would be of great assistance in keeping your hands and fingers clean. Moreover, these have been deemed as ideal washing stations for utensils and various equipments when you may not have regular sinks on sight. However, as these stations would be used frequently, these devices may not remain immune to stains, dirt and other problems and mess. Therefore, you should look forward to maintaining the cleanliness of these portable hand washing stations in the best manner possible.

Cleaning rust from stainless steel basins

Most portable hand cleaning stations may come equipped with stainless steel basins. With the regular usage and passage of time, you may see it acquiring rust and ugly scratch marks on the surface. In order to keep the stainless steel basins clean and spotless, you would need regular cleaning and maintenance of the unit. These basins have been prone to various kinds of marks and scratches. Therefore, it would be important that you do not make use of metallic scourers, metal sponges and steel wood on them. In case, you would be using hand sinks for cleaning pots and pans on specific occasions, you should make use of plastic or rubber mats placed on bottom surfaces.

Removing watermarks from the unit

A simple and effective method of cleaning watermarks from the unit would be to make use of some alcohol on damp cloth. It would wipe the entire basin with ease. However, for rust removal, you should try few drops of lighter fluid to the rusted areas. Ammonia and vinegar could be ideal solution to provide stainless steel basins shiny and polished appearance. For regular cleaning, you could use dishwashing liquids of mild soaps.

Cleaning the countertops

You should clean the countertops on regular basis. The countertops may usually be vinyl surfaces. Therefore, keeping them clean may be easy with the assistance of low-abrasive cleaners or mild soap and water. However, for tougher stains, you should stick on the countertops; make use of non-bleach detergents and soft brush to scrub the satins away gently. You could apply same cleaning agents to cabinet stands made of vinyl laminate.

Cleaning the water lines

An important aspect of portable hand cleaning stations would be the water lines carrying fresh and wastewater. It could be hunting and breeding ground for bacteria. It should be sanitized on regular basis. A great method would be to keep your water plumbing free from odour causing bacteria and germs. You should make use of sanitizing tablets. These tablets could be mixed with fresh water and let the water run through the plumbing lines. In order to keep the outer surface and lines clean, you should spray the remaining solution on faucets, outside surfaces of hoses and handles.