Waterproofing is the process of making any building or any structure water resistant. Waterproofing resistant substances are used in wet environment and under water to specific depths.  Waterproof means preventing penetration of water into the wall, roof and parking space, under constructed building or in its finished structure in liquid state under pressure.

Waterproofing of parking has proved to be very challenging in the waterproofing process and its surface facilities. A huge parking space is very crucial because it is the first thing that any visitor notices in any residential, commercial or private buildings and apartments. The front area of any building is its parking door and it gives the initial idea to any visitor about the building.

The appearance of parking, easy usage and lightning along with correct direction sign helps in making the parking zone to have more positive and safe environment look. Therefore, using the best methods for waterproofing parking by coating on internal surface of parking surface and exposed deck improves parking appearance and enhances light reflectivity. Besides, maintaining parking surface is very minimum.

Parking deck must be aesthetically designed, have long stability, resistant to abrasion and skid, elastic and must be capable of multi-storage for long period of time. Soprema.ca are providers of best quality waterproofing liquid composed of polyurethane. Applying polyurethane waterproofing liquid is very easy.

It has been tested and the product is licensed and guaranteed.  There are also products available that help in bridge cracks, protecting roof of car parks, which faces traffic light and resistant to movement of car and even to over usage of parking surface.

Bituminous waterproofing technique and its application

The other waterproofing method of parking deck is the bituminous membrane. It is used in plaza and parking desk area, below the foundation wall, roof and in insulated concrete. One advantage of bituminous waterproofing system is that it meets all the architectural demands.

It has become the most preferred technology in the waterproofing industry. Waterproofing in roof is done by this modified bituminous waterproofing liquid. It is made with the use of latest research and is of exceptional quality.  It is resistant to severe weather conditions.

The polyurethane and bituminous waterproofing technique is used to waterproof roofs, balconies, terraces, garden and verandas. It is also used to waterproof wet areas like tiles of bathroom and kitchen.  It is also used to parking decks and pedestrian decks. Green roofs, plants and flower beds area can also be waterproofed using bituminous waterproofing technique.