It is important to know how to increase blog traffic, especially if you have a new blog or are still struggling to drive traffic. The best way to do this is by using the ego bait technique. You will require excellent content from a content writing agency to increase your chances. The technique is done by creating an Ego List Post. Here is a step by step process on how you can increase blog traffic using this method.

Step 1: Headline

Most sites usually feature blog posts that give a list of blog posts that need to be followed. This is a common practice that needs to involve some aspects of a promise so as to be effective. The inclusion of additional features such as a promise of learning how-to-do something will inspire the reader to open the blog. Something like “Learn how to become a good blogger” can arouse the interest of the reader to want to know more about the blog. This type of technique is useful in increasing traffic to a blog. You might require content writing services from a good content writing company which provide writers like SEO copywriters, business copywriters, travel copywriters etc. This promising approach can achieve improved results, especially in search engine rankings.

Step 2: Look for Experts

You should try and find experts by noting down a list of names including their websites, email, the number of followers and some special notes. You can do this by doing Google search by posts which you intend to do. After finding a couple of them, it is good to look at their following and see how many followers they have. This is a good start because most of those followers will most probably read your blog if the expert shares it. Once you have got this information, it is good to get to know the experts a little more carefully.

Step 3: Consolidation

Create an outline of the post you intend to do. You can categorize your expert listing if it is broad or you can use the alphabetical approach if you want it to be easy. Put the category title and the blog’s name. You will also need

  • To put their name
  • The blogger’s headshot
  • A summary of the blogger
  • A link back to his/her blog(s)

Step 4: Reach Out

You must now reach out to the people that are featured on your ego bait. A good way of doing this is by using a cold call email. You can use email or social media outreach to reach out to your list of individuals.

Step 5: Close

It is not easy to increase your blog traffic especially if you own a new website. However, using the ego bait list post can be very useful in helping your blog to stimulate traffic. It can drive numerous traffic to your site within a very short period.