When your organisation needs management staff, you have two options: promote from within the company or hire someone from the outside and bring him or her into your organisation. Advertising an opening and finding suitable candidates to interview can take time and money.

By promoting someone within the organisation, you’re familiar with his or her work and he or she is familiar with the company and its operations and policies so he or she will take less time to train. Here are four considerations for finding the best candidates within your organisation to promote.

Ability to Handle Stress

When you’re looking for someone to promote into a leadership position, you need to evaluate his or her ability to handle stress. Team leaders and managers are always under stress to service clients, meet company goals, and keep costs in line.

Managers not only need to meet demands from their superiors but they also have to deal with conflicts between clients and employees and between employees, and inspire employees to help the company turn a profit. Someone who can meet the demands of his or her job in a cool and calm manner could make a good manager for your organisation.

Skills and Education

A managerial candidate doesn’t need to possess an MBA or an advanced degree to be promoted. However, he or she does need to have both soft and hard skills to become a good manager.

Promoting from within your organisation helps you find candidates who have knowledge about the company and its industry, what products or services they offer, and their client base. Candidates who don’t have managerial training can always take advancement management courses in the UK to gain the soft skills that they need to be effective leaders.

Respect Among Co-Workers

While a promotion shouldn’t be a popularity contest, a leader needs to be someone who is respected so that employees will follow his or her lead. When looking for internal candidates to promote to a leadership position, you need to find someone who is respected by his or her co-workers and who can collaborate with others on projects.

A good managerial candidate needs to be able to work well with others and be a team member but also someone who can lead others. Someone who refuses to be a teammate or who isn’t respected by his or her co-workers is not someone who would succeed in a leadership role.

Problem Solver

A good employee to promote is someone who offers to solutions to existing problems within the team or the company as a whole. He or she may be able to spot problems before they become critical and offer solutions to prevent those issues from escalating.

People who are aware of problems but do not seek solutions or wait for others to do so are not ready to be promoted. As it is important for leaders to be out in front of problems to solve them, look for proactive employees who offer solutions.

Promoting someone within your organisation into a management role has several benefits for your company, including improving morale and inspiring employees to work harder because they know they have a chance to grow with your organisation.