Kitchen designing has always been very popular with architects and homeowners alike. Everyone wants to make their kitchen look like something right out of a celebrity home, and impress guests and friends who come over to visit. It is not impossible to do so, kitchen contractors in Ann Arbor have designed countless of impressive kitchens over the years and some designs even became popular internationally. Here are the relevant top 5 kitchen designs that you can use if you’re living in Ann Arbor.

  1. California Kitchen

This is a very spacious and modern design that is liked by many. It has four areas; a cooking area, buffet table, desk, and a baking area in the back. Accompanied by stark white cabinets and wooden furniture, it is a very beautiful design and the dream of many to have a kitchen like this.

  1. Truly Tiny Kitchen

Despite being a tiny kitchen, this design has the space for everything you ever need and want in a kitchen. Designed by an experienced professional, all of the essentials have their own ‘territory’ and position in this tiny kitchen design. Simple cabinets are used to make it classy and yet have a modern feel.

  1. Texas Kitchen

This unique kitchen design will make your kitchen look and feel like Texas. With unique flooring and wall patterns, it adds a whole new experience. A couple of hanging rods are installed on the ceiling in the middle of the kitchen to hang your pots and pans just like a true Texas culture.

  1. Tranquil Kitchen

This is a modern kitchen design that favors a snow white theme. The cabinets and tabletop are marble white and easy on the eyes, allowing them to move smoothly and naturally from shape to shape.

  1. Mirrors Work Magic

Featuring a mirrored backsplash design, this is perfect for people who enjoy glossiness and reflections. The mirrors give an illusion of spaciousness and opens up naturally to the adjacent rooms. It looks like an extended living room for those who have dreamt of having such kitchens.